Sunday, 11 November 2018

Google Wifi Mesh Router(s) GA00158-AU

Say hello to Google Wifi
The NBN-supplied router is 802.11n at up to 300Mbps. The NBN box is in a metal cabinet behind a wooden door with a long wall between it and the bedroom.

  • Ezzy's Macbook Air is mainly used in the living room;
  • The study and media centre have wired ethernet connections; and
  • The living room Sonos Play 3's has a wired ethernet connection and meshes with the other unit in the bedroom.

So far so good, BUT, there are now 5-10 regular SSID's in our area competing at 2.4GHz, and, combined with the apartment architecture, large parts of the bedroom were a dead spot no matter what.

Solution was to buy a 3-pack of these units, and sell 2 on eBay to reduce the per unit cost. We now have Wifi WAF and I arbitraged Google's nudge pricing.

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