Monday, 15 January 2007

Futurama 3x15

At some stage it would seem inevitable that humans will start wanting to have relations with robots.

... and just for laughs (from The Daily Gut): "Lines a robot will use to break up with a human:
  • It is not you. It is my AI 23000 central processing unit.
  • There is someone else. Actually, It is a self-guided RL-1000 Series Robomower with Docking Station. Does it matter which year? Okay fine, the 2006.
  • You are just using me for a series of mundane tasks.
  • Sometimes I think it is you who is repeating pre-recorded sounds.
  • I would like my Kraftwerk CDs back. Here is your sweater.
  • Sometimes I think it is you who has been performing tasks repeatedly in exactly the same fashion.
  • How was my day? Well, I painted, welded and assembled a car for you. Thanks for asking.
  • I don't ask for much. Just a little feedback to control the precise process you wish me to perform.
  • I have been asked to defuse roadside bombs in Iraq. Don't wait for me.
  • You are becoming less aesthetically pleasing over time. I will show myself out.
  • I predict that you did not know that I have entered an art contest and took first place. That is proof of how little you know about me."

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