Friday, 15 December 2006

Trends in Fashion

Orlando asked me to do a post on male business fashion in accordance with the stated aims of Disco. We have also agreed to debate together in 2007, and so I am trying to think up a team name combining the themes, knowing that Orlando has a penchant for inappropriateness.

Anyway, here are my high level thoughts on male business fashion:

Find the centre of an equilateral triangle the sides of which are labelled: "Your Personality", "Current Trends" and "Classic Style."

Appropriate length of tie is the single most important detail to get right.

Shoes are next. But women who judge men by their shoes may have "issues" ("OMG 'is shoes!"... get it?).

Dark colours are easy to match - but not with each other.

No colour is out. But the older you get, the more you should use primaries. Also, brown is not a colour.

Use classical mechanics when choosing patterns. People need to know both how fast the pattern is moving and where it is. The world is not ready for quantum check.

Cattle wear brands. But only because they can't afford Armani.

Finally - no matter what you wear, how much you spend, what company you keep and how good your clothes look, remember that beauty is only skin deep, so you have to moisturise regularly.

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