Monday, 14 April 2014

[SOLVED] Windows 7 x64 Network Shares (Video and Music) Drop Out Intermittently (WMC7 and Sonos)

So we started noticing that videos streamed from the New Rig to the Living Room PC and music streamed to the Sonos were cutting out after about 5 mins.

Everything was working fine until last week when some security updates from Microsoft were installed.  Why would this be?

  1. Hardware - checked all network connections/cables, and optimised the Wifis channel (using inSSIDer 4). Then updated firmware for router and the network adapter.
  2. Software - checked to see that all network settings were what they were supposed to be (using Homegroup, media streaming on) and ensured Services were set to optimise sharing.  Then did a system restore (which can only do successfully after uninstalling AVG!).  Finally, the problem appears fixed after following these steps to ensure UPnP device host, Windows Media Player Network Sharing services are restarted and set to 'Automatic' and then going into WMP12 Libraries and ensuring that Streaming is turned on.
Why, Microsoft?

Further Info:
New Rig
Software for New Rig
And Now (Hardware)...

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