Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Who said...

"Hand me the keys you c*cksucker!"

"I didn't kill my wife!"

"What happens to us in the future? Do we become as*holes or something?"

"Gimme da f*ckin' keys you f*ckin' c*cksucker motherf*fucker, lalalalalala!"

"Give me my f*ckin phone call!"

"Hey Malkovich, Think fast!"

"Some motherf*ckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill."

"Hand me the keys you f*cking c*cksucker! What the f*ck?"

"That's it, man. Game over, man. What are we gonna do now?"

"Hand me the keys you c*cksucker!"

"Have you ever tried shawarma?"

"Ray, if someone asks you if you're a god, you say 'YES'!"

"Hand me the keys you f*cking c*cksucker!"

"All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain."

"And now, a word on nutrition..."
"Jeez, he's f*cked up!"

"You're going to need a bigger boat."

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