Sunday, 1 January 2012

Windows Media Player Sucks

I finally got around to ripping those old CD's I've had lying around.

WMP12 and WMC7 are our WAF-approved applications for the management and playback of music (although Ezzy does have iTunes for her phone).

Now I have to find all those album covers and WMP12 absolutely sucks at finding them automatically. Then when it does find them it takes FOREVER to load them. Then once it's loaded them, you go back to your directory and WHOA it's moved and/or created copies of files all over the place, picked up wrong album covers for songs you already had fixed and sometimes not even done anything at all.

But when it's done... ahhhh.

Further Info:
"Find and Embed Album Art in Your MP3 Collection" by Kevin Purdy, Lifehacker, 27 June 2008

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