Friday, 7 August 2009

Who said...

"WORST ... RESCUE ... EVER!!!"

"So whether you agree with me or not, GET ME AUTHORIZED!"

"Pilot, identify yourself."
"It's me!"

"What's it thinking, Colonel?"
"It's afraid!"

"I was invincible in Chinatown!"

"I used to carry around those awful mace things. Now... I zap any bastard that screws with me. I tried it on my little dog. Poor thing limped for a week."

"I really will slug you so hard!"
"Oh it's the 'meek'! 'Blessed are the meek.' Oh that's nice, isn't it?"

"How was your lamb?"

"Can we have it back?"

"Well, I have the only seat belt here. You know, safety first?"

"For if knowledge is power then a god ... AM ... I!
Was that over the top? I can never tell."

"1.21 GIGAWATTS?!!"

"I just got one question for you. How can you leave me in the middle of a gunfight... to get the car?"
"You have got to shut up and let him drive!"

"There's a difference between disliking him... and not caring when some dumb Irish flat foot drops him out a window."

"Yeah sure. He's probably blond with big dimples"
"How did you know that, sarge?"

"Hey, don't talk like that about pigs! They're usually much nicer than people."
"As a matter of fact, right now I have one in my kitchen that's very clean and smells very nice."
"Piggy? Piggy? Where are you? Ah! There you are!"

"You get the headaches? ... I get such bad headaches."

"Because of the tension."
"What tension?"

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