Saturday, 19 May 2007

Tuscany, Barcelona and London

What a fantastic two weeks away (but for lack of ezzy)!

Europe has such a rich and diverse history. It's not China but they do value their 300-500 year old stuff.

Holidaying with friends at a villa is mucho fun. There's no worrying about designated drivers (except for the bits where we drove to and from Siena).

Then there's the buzz of evenings along La Rambla, and the giddy heights of the big gaudy churchy thing.

And finally London. The biggest intermediater of money, language, cuisine, and cultures in the world. Pity about the weather.

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Kato said...

Yay RK - welcome home from under the Tuscan sun and all that. Hope you're rested and happy to be back with ezzy, K xx