Monday, 17 July 2006

Antarctica - does anyone still care?

Midnight Oil wrote a song about it as the last untouched wilderness... now the Russians are drilling into a lake buried for 14,000 years under 4km of ice (they say they've figured out how to prevent the oil in the drill from entering the lake... ) and India is building a new research station in an environmentally sensitive location (goodness, I think the whole place is environmentally sensitive!) - see

Should we respect Antarctica as the last wilderness and try to protect it as such (note: international law shenannigans have rendered this rather ineffective to date), or do we need to move forward and recognise that we can no longer afford to reserve a place on this planet without a significant human footprint?

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R Ko said...

I applaud recent Vic State initiatives to encourage renewable energy investment. I don't think it's a coincidence that A$2b of investments are now moving forward in the Victorian wind space in the next three years.

It only took a little bit to reach a tipping point.

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